ST Unlocker - unleash the power of your E-bike motor!


  • Support of EP801*, EP6*, EP8, E8000, E7000, E6100, E5000 motors.
  • Bike Info, including factory regulation log (for modern motors)
  • Battery info (recharge cycles and health %)
  • Change Assistant Level, including maximum power
  • Change gearing type (mechanical, electrical/Di2) and chainrings size*
  • Change motor's mount angle*
  • Change light reserved time and On/Off state*
  • All Shimano motors firmwares are supported, including the latests (September 2023)
  • * - It's not possible to change settings via Bluetooth on new EP801, EP6 motors, except assist settings. Overall power/torque settings can be changed via Shimano PCE interface

    STUnlocker for Windows works via Shimano PCE interface and supports all latest FWs without downgrading and etc.

    Speed limiter change features (Premium licence)

    In most countries, the use of an derestricted bike is possible only in private areas or in specially designated areas. Check the legality of using derestricted bike in your area

  • Destination market (works for all firmwares up to and including 4.0.2 [for EP8], 4.8.0 [for E8000], 4.5.0 [for E6100 & E7000] and 4.3.0 [for E5000])
  • Circumference (works for all firmwares up to and including 4.0.2 [for EP8], 4.8.0 [for E8000], 4.5.0 [for E6100 & E7000] and 4.3.0 [for E5000])
  • Max Speed for each mode (works only for E8000 motor with E8000 display and with a firmware up to 4.3.2)

  • For the firmware newer than 4.3.2 [E8000] the best way to rise the Speed Limit is to change the destination market to US (32km/h). This method will maintain the correct odometer and speedometer readings.

    The Windows version supports all firmwares for derestriction, inclduing the latest (April, 2023)

    Supported interfaces

  • SM-PCE02 (Windows)
  • SM-PCE1 (Windows)
  • Bluetooth (App for Android & iOS)
  • Licence

    The program for Windows is FREE to get information about the bike and change settings which are not related with derestriction.

    The Premium licence costs 30 EURO (excl. VAT) per one bike's motor (linked with a serial number of a motor and not transferable to another motor)


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    Manual for ST Unlocker Android (PDF)

    Manual for ST Unlocker iOS (PDF)

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